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Dementia Care at Home: Is It for Your Loved One?

When your beloved family member is diagnosed with the progressive illness of dementia, you will eventually encounter situations of agitation and aggression. These episodes occur when your loved one is about to undergo change, such as their routines or locations. For this reason, it’s very ideal to let your loved one with dementia stay in … Continue reading

Tips: Preventing Pressure Sores for Bedbound Seniors who have Dementia

Pressure sores are one of the risk occurrences for a bedbound loved one. These are skin breakouts that happen because the skin had too much pressure from its contact with the mattress, clothing, or any hard surface. Do you have a bedbound loved one at home? Pressure sores are one of the conditions you’ve got … Continue reading

Dementia Care: Tips to Address Hygiene Issues Without Opposing Your Loved One

Has it been extra challenging to assist your aging loved one when it comes to their hygiene care? If you’re caring for a family member with dementia, your loved one may see you as an opposing force to what they want. You don’t want that to happen, especially if you’re their primary caregiver. To address … Continue reading

Providing the Best Care to a Loved One with Dementia

We all want the best care possible for our loved ones who have dementia. This is a terrible condition that can strip them of their memories, cause confusion, and even impair their ability to take care of themselves. They require a high degree of care to ensure that they can continue living a full and … Continue reading

Change Your Lifestyle to Reduce the Risk of Having Dementia

Dementia is a group of symptoms that are linked to the slow decrease in a person’s mental ability. Even though there are inevitable factors that cause this condition, like aging and family history, there are still ways you can do to reduce your risk of acquiring this condition. Family Healthcare Services LLC recommends seniors to … Continue reading

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