How To Keep Your Aging Loved Ones Happy And Healthy

Achieving happiness when we were kids meant getting to play all day and getting the chance to do all the things we wanted without having to go home too soon because our parents called us for dinner, and those afternoons of fun and laughter simply gave us the best time of our lives. As we … Continue reading

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What To Pack For A Weekend Getaway With Your Loved One

Making plans with your family to getaway from the week’s stress can be a time where new memories can be made. Take your senior loved one out with you for a short trip to refresh them from the monotony of staying home all week. A change of environment will surely do good to their wellbeing. … Continue reading

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Tips: Preventing Pressure Sores for Bedbound Seniors who have Dementia

Pressure sores are one of the risk occurrences for a bedbound loved one. These are skin breakouts that happen because the skin had too much pressure from its contact with the mattress, clothing, or any hard surface. Do you have a bedbound loved one at home? Pressure sores are one of the conditions you’ve got … Continue reading

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Dementia Care: Tips to Address Hygiene Issues Without Opposing Your Loved One

Has it been extra challenging to assist your aging loved one when it comes to their hygiene care? If you’re caring for a family member with dementia, your loved one may see you as an opposing force to what they want. You don’t want that to happen, especially if you’re their primary caregiver. To address … Continue reading

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Ensuring Seniors Healthy Diets At Home

We all need food because food is good – good for our bodies and good for disposition. Food can make us happy. However, as we get older, we learn to be careful with our food choices and what we fuel our bodies with since gaining too much weight can lead to different health issues we … Continue reading

Exercise: Helping Your Aging Loved One Reduce the Risks for Vascular Dementia

Regular movement generally keeps our bodies active since our bodies are meant to move and not just to stay put. This becomes more important for people in their advanced years as movement can keep bones and muscles stronger. In contrast, simply sitting down and not having enough movement can increase the heart rate for blood … Continue reading

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