Pressure sores are one of the risk occurrences for a bedbound loved one. These are skin breakouts that happen because the skin had too much pressure from its contact with the mattress, clothing, or any hard surface. Do you have a bedbound loved one at home? Pressure sores are one of the conditions you’ve got to watch out for.

As a provider of health care services in Owings Mills, Maryland, we would like to share these prevention tips to reduce the chances of your loved one acquiring pressure sores.

  • Constantly monitor their skin

    As their family caregiver, you can look out for possible skin breakouts by monitoring their skin every day. Constantly check the parts of the body where the pressure is at high risk. These parts include the heels, buttocks, and their back. When you can’t be physically around to check your family member, experienced providers of non-medical healthcare in Maryland can step in for you.

  • Use pillow properly

    To prevent pressure sores, pillows can be your ally. Put pillows below your loved one’s calves so that their heels will not always touch on the bed surface. You can also use soft pillows to help them sit down properly or shift them to a new position comfortably.

  • Use protective foam

    You can also make use of protective foam or other soft pillow-like equipment to rest feet on when your loved one is lying down. This way, their feet will not rest on the hard bed and thereby preventing pressure which can lead to sores. Too much exposure on these hard surfaces can result to pressure sores.

  • Shift position

    Shifting their lying or sitting position is also a preventive activity against pressure sores. When you change their position, just remember to lift your loved one and not slide them. Lifting them can help prevent scratches that may happen when you slide them on their bed or chair. If lifting a loved one is beyond your physical strength, you can always get help from providers of skilled nursing in Maryland.

  • Use incontinence products

    Sometimes, it’s their incontinence issues that put them at risk for pressure sores. Ensure that you’re using hypo-allergenic products so that their skin will not be irritated by the wetness. Also, remember to pat-dry their skin right after washing them so that you can’t create scratches in rubbing them dry.

At Family Healthcare Services LLC, we recognize the real challenges of caring for a family member who is bedbound. For this reason, we have well-trained care providers who are able to handle these tasks and provide quality care that your loved one needs. When you need our assistance in tending to your aging loved one at home, don’t hesitate to set an appointment with us.

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