Making plans with your family to getaway from the week’s stress can be a time where new memories can be made. Take your senior loved one out with you for a short trip to refresh them from the monotony of staying home all week. A change of environment will surely do good to their wellbeing.

For senior clients going on a short trip and will be needing ambulatory assistance, arrange your trip needs with our health care services in Owings Mills, Maryland to have a smooth going time away from home. Together, make the trip even more convenient by having essentials at the ready.

  • Pack Needed Medication

    To ensure the continuous intake of medication, make it a top priority to pack their needed medicines and supplements first to avoid making another stop just to secure needed medication. Make sure to pack necessary sweets or flavored drinks that aid in keeping down the medicine. Your weekend trip may be an hour away from the city and access to a hospital may be hard. You don’t want to be unprepared for emergency cases.

  • Prepare 2 Sets Of Extra Clothes

    You can never be too sure about the weather, nor can you be too sure about circumstances while on the trip. Take the initiative to pack 2 sets of extra clothes on top of the outfit allotted per day, just for good measure. These extra clothes will greatly help should they need a quick change due to little accidents.

  • Have Enough Food And Water

    Packing light on a trip can greatly help when it comes to having lesser loads to worry about, but since you are travelling with a senior loved one, have more than enough food and water, just in case they feel like snacking on something else. Also make sure to pack healthy food items along with treats -fruits and yogurt are ideal handheld food that are good sources of nutrition and can be easily disposed of.

Making trips with your loved ones should be fun and easy, not hard and tasking. Make it worth your while by getting trusted non-medical healthcare in Maryland to assist you on your family’s trip for the weekend so you can all have more wonderful memories together.

Schedule your weekend trips with us and let Family Healthcare Services LLC help you make it successful!

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