How essential is attending to the hygiene needs of your aging loved one? It’s as vital as ensuring their overall health. You see, an infection can easily slip in when your beloved elderly is in poor hygiene. As key providers of health care services in Owings Mills, Maryland, we advocate for quality hygiene care, especially among the seniors.

Let us help you achieve quality care with the following guidelines.

  1. Provide hygiene care every day.
    The keywords are EVERY DAY. The immune system of your aging family member is already declining at this stage; hence, poor hygiene can easily complicate their condition. See to it that they’re being washed daily or bathed every other day. Also, ensure that before you assist them, such as with meals, you’ve also washed your or their hands, so you can minimize the spread of infection. The daily practice of hygiene care can go a long way in the well-being of an aging loved one.
  2. Assist in personal care activities.
    As previously mentioned, your loved one will need to be washed daily to protect them from infections. However, you need to be able to achieve this without stepping on their independence. It will be helpful to remember that you’re there as an ASSISTANT and not really as someone who will do everything for them. Nurturing their independence can encourage them to care for themselves while being confident of your support.
  3. Remember to observe respect.
    As providers of non-medical healthcare in Maryland, we’ve seen how DIGNITY and RESPECT are essential in helping out our senior loved ones. They need to know and be affirmed that they’re still people of worth. You can achieve this by covering their private parts when you assist their bath times or asking them if they need help on some particular activities.
  4. Ensure their safety at all times.
    Don’t be intimidated by the word ALL since nobody is perfect even in caring. But strive to provide safety measures when providing hygiene care, especially when it’s within your power, as they can be prevented from falls and other minor accidents. To an aging person, these minor incidents are already a big deal due to their limited agility and strength. Just be alert at all times to run to their side as promptly as necessary.
  5. Show compassion for dementia patients.
    Our loved ones with dementia can have episodes of confusion or agitation, which can be overwhelming to family caregivers. When your aging loved one has this condition, muster the COURAGE TO BE COMPASSIONATE at all times. In our experience of providing quality skilled nursing in Maryland, we’ve seen that this character may not be easy, but it’s also not impossible to achieve.

What challenges are you facing when it comes to your elderly loved one’s hygiene? When you have issues that you need assistance with, our skilled team at Family Healthcare Services LLC is ready to back you up. Just feel free to inquire with us when you need help.

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